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I tried to copy son_risa 's look with the Diana Ross quad....but i haven't bought that 1 yet so i used what I have...


I used Cotton Candy & Bare Canvas Paints -

a pinkish e/s i have no clue what it is (from MAC) Creme de Violet on crease - Black eye khol smudge in crease - Hepcat over it

Brows: Brown Down ------ Inner eyerim Chanel Black cake eyeliner


I used: Wet Copper Sparkle Pigment - Goldmine in Crease - Black Khol in Crease - Beauty Marked in Crease

Brows: Embark   ------ Inner eyerim Chanel Black cake eyeliner

Of Course mine is not as goods as </a></a>son_risa 's but i tried  ^_^

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